Saturday, July 23, 2005

Why I'm so Obsessed with Early Human History...and some philosophy

Some of you are probably wondering why I'm posting so much about how things were like in early societies. Basically, it's cause I'm spending my summer not at the beach, or at some other vacation spot, but by pondering the meaning of life, society, and a bunch of other stuff.

The answers to life and society are connected, here's what I have come up with for the purposes of life:

-To live (it seems simple and obvious, but it is connected into everything alive.)
-Increase frequency of your DNA into gene pool (have kids, or anything alive that has your DNA in it)

Society was at the least an attempt to help in both. Humans, by themselves, are not really the greatest physical machines. They have intelligence, the ability to use natural objects and change them to suit their needs, and the ability to create some level of an artificial environment, (a bit off-topic, but sounds like the character traits from a video game). By combining the different talents of different people, society was able to get an edge in the struggle for survival. Large groups allow people to specialise in different jobs needed for the whole to survive and progress. Specialisation can lead to expertise and skill in a job. To pass on this knowledge, their were people who specialised in teaching, and perhaps general care for children while their parents where busy).

Speculating on early events in society is a way to understand the foundations of today's civilizations. It can explain some of the things happening now, and maybe we could then make better decisions.

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Sohaib said...

I'm a student living in Lahore, Pakistan, and history is one of my main interests. Because of this, I find your blog to be very entertaining. The haphazard, non-academic nature of it makes it fun, and less of a bore, and this is what keeps me coming. It's nice that you keep the posts short and to the point, they kind of draw one's attention to a particular area if one wants to read about it in greater detail. Keep up the good work. :)