Saturday, February 26, 2005

Back Part 3, History of Globalisation Part 1

I am really short on time here, but I am starting a series on the history of the Globalisation. This is what I call the Era of Discover, the first time of Globalisation.

This Discovery took place mainly during the Crusades, the European armies were almost overwhelmed with all the things they saw in the Middle East. They saw new clothes, foods,spices, raw materials, silks and other exotic goods. Many of the Crusaders returned home with samples of these goods and tales of great riches in the East. Ambitious men seeking wealth and new power decided to see how these goods could benefit them. Many of these people were in Italy. From there traders traveled west to Palestine. There they saw for themselves all the riches the East had to offer. In short, the Era of Discovery opened up a whole new political and economic world to the West. Before the Crusades, most people only new much about their local villages and towns. Everything else they got from religion. The returning Crusaders told great stories of what they saw. Once ignorant and simple people realised that there was much more in the Asian Continent then what they were told by their Kings, nobles, and religious leaders. The next wave of people going East were not soldiers, but entrepreneurs, traders, merchants, diplomats, and people whose curiosity was sparked. These people would eventually help start the next Era of Globalisation, the Era of Trade.

This is to the blogger of the blog, History Teacher, if it seems I am not blogrolling to you soon, it is because I really don't have much time.

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