Monday, February 28, 2005

History Bloggers' Guild Organization and Duties

Right now, I am only looking for Leaders, I need 3 more. Once I announce that there are 5 Leaders, each one can start recruiting by themselves. Otherwise, I need to personally accept a new Leader.

At the top are five leaders, these will be you, me, and three others who have yet to join. Once those three have been accepted, the Leaders can start working. Each Leader will either hand-pick or accept 5 new recruits. These recruits will form a Chapter. Basically each Leader has to form a Chapter. Now, once a Leader has finished with his/her Chapter, the members of that new Chapter will start recruitment while the leaders stop recruiting. So the Chapters members recruited by the leader must each start a new Chapter. The Chapters created by the Leaders will be known as the Primary Chapters, when a Primary blogger has created a full 5-blogger chapter, he/she stops recruiting and that job falls to the newest Chapter members.
If you have any questions please tell me.

The everyday regular duties of a non-Leader are as follows. Each blogger should blogroll to all Leaders, the blogger who founded his/her chapter, and the bloggers he/she recruited. Your top priority would be the chapter your are a part of. Not the one made up of the bloggers you recruited. You should regularly visit their sites and give suggestions, commentary, and useful hints. If you found a new blog service or idea, you should tell about it to the other chapter members. The purpose of the Guild is to help other members out. It is not some exclusive, elite club that influences every single history blog out there. The Guild usually deals with its own members, however, if someone fits the qualifications, they can join with anyone looking for recruits.

Current Leaders
History Teacher


historyteacher said...

I think I understand your current plan for the HBG. I will create a post this evening about what exactly you are looking for in addition to the text box I created near the top of my side bar on my blog.

Is there an email address I can place on it so people can contact you directly or should I just create a link to yor post? Let me know.


historyteacher said...

I created a post on my blog about the HBG. I directed any questions to you and created a link to your comments page. If you would like me to revise anything let me know!


Zhuge Kenshin said...

define "leader"