Saturday, February 19, 2005

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This is just some miscellaneous information. First of all, Geobandy has informed me of several errors in the last post. Voting was not an actual right; whether someone could vote was actually controlled by the state. For more detailed information you can see the comment by Geobandy on the last post. To Geobandy, thank you.
Second, I have thought up a name for the theory on linguistics I gave about a week ago. The name is Linguistic Punctuated Equilibrium. The linguistic part means the theory involves the study of languages. Punctuated Equilibrium is an idea in the Evolutionary theory. According to Equilibrium, evolution does not take place gradually, but in short period of rapid evolution (punctuated), followed by long periods of little change (equilibrium). This is almost exactly like the progression of the English language I described.
Now about my knowledge on American history, I will reevaluate much of what I learned about it. If I have to read the entire United Sates of America Constitution, then by jolly (don’t ask) I will do so. However, if I start contacting psychics and mystics to get in touch with our dead founding fathers, then you are welcome to track me down and beat me back to my senses. For know, I will concentrate on wars and battles when it comes to modern times.
Last, I encourage all readers to give opinions on my posts and give corrections when they see errors.

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GeoBandy said...

Hey, didn't mean that comment on the last post the way it must have sounded. Not intended as a correction, just more information. Probably 999 out of 1000 people believe the "white male property owner" requirement to vote is true. It was a common electoral standard in the late 18th century, but not all 13 colonies/states used that standard and it was clearly understood by all that the federal government was not to dictate those kind of political decisions to the states. The federal government was intended to be strictly limited in its reach into the details of citizens' lives. Most people have never actually read the Constitution, and would be surprised not only by how short it is, but by what actually is and ISN'T in there. Everyone, including you and I, writes from particular viewpoint. Always best to consult an original source when possible.