Wednesday, March 02, 2005

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This is some info on the globalisation series. It will mainly focus on the economic globalisation from the Middle Ages to the present. My definition of economic globalisation is: the development of international economic links that affect many different people and economies of different civilizations.

About the History Bloggers' Guild (HBG) I am still looking for more people. You can comment here or on the previous post if you are interested. If you decide to join then all you have to do is tell me, link to me and the other Leader, History Teacher, and put up a post on your blog about HBG. Then if you see a blogger who you think could join HBG and is interested refer them to me. Once I have 4 other Leaders, each one of them can start recruiting on their own, as long as the bloggers they accept have at least one blog that fits the qualifications: regularly posts about historical information, post at least 3-4 times a week, respect the study of history and knows why it is important, provide balanced, unbiased, straigtforward information, and not use any profanity or other extreme information unrelated to history, unless it is in a historical quote.


historyteacher said...

Please check out my current post to see if you find it acceptable. I hope it clarifies things a little more.


Joy said...

Hi Scriptor,
As promised, I have created a new blog. The blog is related to the history of Odessa and its reconstruction after years of Soviet rule.

Although the city of Odessa is comparatively young compared to other European cities, it nonetheless represents an important crossroads in Russian and Ukrainian history.

The site is tightly focused on Odessa and its development over the last two hundred years. However, Odessa is a cosmopolitan city with many cultural and historical influences. These are the areas that I plan to write about.

I hope you find the site acceptable for the HBG. You can check out the site at

My site does have a blog role and I would like to link your site to it. I hope you agree.

Please let me know by posting a comment on the above site.

Kind regards