Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Beliefs and Opinions Statement

I know I should have done his earlier but this is what I have to say about my opinions regarding politics and history. I will never make any criticism on any nation, organization, company, religion, ethnic group, individual, faction or political party, or any other people based on their religious, political, or cultural beliefs. I will also do my very best to not let my personal opinions cause any leniency to any side whether in the present world or the past. The only criticism will be on misrepresentations of history, looting of archaeological artifacts or any support of it, destruction and/or warps of historical events or any other way the study of the past can be undermined.
I will also not let my opinions interfere with the information I am presenting. I believe that history should never be altered or warped by anybody for any reason. This will only lead to further disruption and may completely change what we know of the past. People can only learn the right lessons if they are studying the right history.
This only means I will not present opinions or biases, anyone may share their beliefs, values, and opinions in the comments section, I invite and encourage them to do this.

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