Sunday, January 30, 2005

Site News

I want to report some new additions to this site. First and most obvious is the Google Site-Flavored search engine, mine seems to have a few bugs in it, after all, it's still only in the develpment stage, still try it. On a less important note, I have decided to change my user name to Scriptor. I'm still not sure though, if anybody has sugestions, please comment here. Also, on the 28th of January I got my first comment, definitely a milestone. If anybody wants to check out this site check the comments for the Back with Barbarians post. See, don't be shy, you won't be the only one commenting any more. As for Jomama, thanks.

1 comment:

jomama said...

Even tho the comment was short, I meant it.

One of the ways to get more visitors is to
wander thru blogdom to make comments. I usually
try to put more meat in them than the one I made
on your post.

Another is to post often. I try to put at least
one post up a day. That way the blog looks alive
and attracts more hits but the kind of posting
you do requires more time for research I would imagine
and so you can't post as often. Also, I have a
lot of time as I'm

I don't think much about comments one way or the
other and pay more attention to how I'm propogating.

I never expect to become famous. I suppose if I
did I'd change my name and move. I'm going after
a niche as you are.

Links mean a lot.

It's an odd world, blogdom, but there's always
something to learn.