Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Middle Ages has a bad name

I have been looking on the Internet recently and it's really amazing how many people are referring to the Middle Ages in the wrong way. There have been way too many times when I see stuff about degenerating to the Middle Ages, or keeping us in the Middle Ages. Obviously, most schools are educating people about the Middle Ages based on what the people in the next age, the Renaissance said. Even the term Middle Ages is not very accurate. Forget all the ideas of bad kings, evil witches, huge monsters, and virtually no hope for humanity. Just throw away all that thought about this period that have anything to do with beautiful castles, pretty damsels in distress, gallant lone princes riding out to kill the evil kidnapper. Before you start talking about the Medieval times, just research. Make sure you go to good sources from valid authors. It is time to rethink this time period. Time to study this time itself rather than what people wrote about it a hundred years later.

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GeoBandy said...

As recently as thirty years ago a clear distinction was understood between what had traditionally been known as the "dark ages" and what had traditionally been known as the "middle ages". In the span of a single generation, those two very different periods in Western European History have been merged into a single concept, which is accurate about neither.