Friday, January 21, 2005

Blog Services and advice for "newbies" (like me)

This post will be for recognizing the services that are helping my blog and advice for other new Bloggers. First the advice. New Bloggers, have you ever gone to one of the more "successful" blogs and thought, what the heck makes this one so good? While trying to figure out the answer, have you ever believed that the first step is to compete with other blogs related to the genre of your blog? Start thinking again, competition will only make you waste precious time and energy trying to do everything by yourself. Besides spending way too much time looking up what you need, you also drain yourself in fighting the other blogs. It does not have to be that way. Now if your blog is related to something else than history then I advise you to find new Bloggers with blogs related to yours. Convince them that by cooperating you will get much farther. Some advantages are: you can act as sources for one another, supplying each other with information; you can also give each other suggestions and comments; third, you can join together and as one large group go up to one of the more established sites that relates to your blog and try to get at least links for each of your blogs to your site. A large voice will be better heard.
If your blog is related to history like mine, then first try to get in contact with me using the comments section below this post. Then we can do the things that I just listed as advantages. United we Stand.

As for the second part, the links here they are: Blogger Knowledge provides you with articles that can help you with all kinds of things you want to do with your blog. It also gives much advice in general and what is happening in the blogosphere. SiteMeter provides a free service which provides you with a link to a web page where you can access quantities of info about your visitors, as a preview, scroll down to the very bottom, look for a colorful cube. Finally, I just signed up for Simple Ads. This lets me make up my own ad campaigns and ads. Once your ad is accepted, it will post it on whichever other blog signed up matches the genre you selected. Also it puts some ads on your blog. Think of it as a way to help fellow bloggers. A preview of the ad is also at the bottom.

In general, follow my advice on joining other Bloggers and go these links. Also check up later on this posting, there could be more services attached.

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