Saturday, March 12, 2005

HBG Leader Offices

First, let me clear up the relations between Leaders and all other History Bloggers' Guild members. As I have said before, HBG is for blogs who devote at least a part of their blogs to history. Your blog does not have to be 100% devoted, if you make a few history-related posts a week from now and your site fits other qualifications, then you are welcome to join.

Leaders are basically information gatherers and "web scouts". They look around in the Internet and give general suggestions and advice to all Guild members. If you use Google Blogger, then Leaders are somewhat like Blogger Knowledge. In return for these services, Guild members must blogroll to Leaders, specifically distinguishing them as Leaders in the blogrolls. They also have to further spread what they learned from the Leaders and apply it to their blogs. Leaders don't control or order blogs around, they just advise and post important information. A non-Leader usually deals with the chapter he/she is part of.

Right now I am assigning each Leader "offices". These basically hand out specific types of responsibilities. The current offices are:

Scriptor (me)- Chief Diplomat: handle all general relations between Guild and other sites. Also Public Information and Relations: Tell others what Guild really is explain it.

History Teacher- Chief of Recruitment and Statistics: establish and maintain qualifications for being accepted, all other blogs must make sure a blogger follows these rules before recruiting him/her. Also is in charge of polls, every month a record of the total number of guild members will be compiled by using polls. Also votes will be held to find the opinion of the Guild on certain issues.

Empty- Chief of Blogosphere News: Searches the Internet to find the lates news and information related to blogs. Advises Guild members on what add-ons, services, etc. can best help their blogs.

Empty- Chief of Guild Issues and Opinions: Relies on Chief of Recruitment and Statistics to study what Guild members want done and how they feel about certain issues, analyzes this and discusses with other Leaders on what best to be done.

Empty- Chief of Promotion: Focuses on getting the description of the Guild presented by Chief Diplomat across to as many people as possible. In general, works hard to spread the word of the Guild.

Other responsibilities will most likely be added to the above offices, if you would like to be in a different office please tell me.


Scriptor said...

Just a test comment.

ancient_sniper said...

does recent school events count?

Zhuge Kenshin said...

dunno if i can join

zhuge kenshin said...

dunno if i can join