Thursday, March 31, 2005

Most Influential

I am thinking of starting a series of lists that deal with the most influential event, things, or people, in a particular period of history. This will be based on both reader input and my own research. Most of the lists will probably be small. Whit influential, I am talking about effect on history, this could be either in a good way, bad way, high-profile or secret. Please let me know what you think.

This is for HBG, it is urgent that Joy and Historyteacher get up to date on the latest announcements for the Guild. This includes choosing an Office (See a few posts below), changing the blogrolls, and so forth. Contact me as soon as you can, there are several issues that I also have to discuss.


historyteacher said...

Good Evening Scriptor,

This sounds like a great idea.

Here is my email address:

This way we can email each other without creating a post for everyone to read when the information really is not pertinent to everyone.

I also have an idea. What if members chose an expertise, for instance, Joy is very fluent in areas in history (i.e. Ukraine) that I really have very little knowledge of. We could have people possibly act as experts on a given area and members could refer to experts in specific areas when they have a question. We could create a box in the side bar listing the different experts and their given area.

Also, Joy asked if I would look at this blog:

I would love to allow him to be an HBG member with this blog. he also said that he may have an Iranian friend who would love to be a member also. (possibly our mideast expert? )

Anyway, leave a comment or email me. Just some ideas.


History Guy said...
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The Sovereign Editor said...

Alfred the Great. No King Alfred, no England. No England, no Britain (at least not as we know it), no British Empire, and no United States. France and Spain could possibly be the major world powers. Keep in mind that this is all speculative.