Thursday, March 17, 2005

HBG linking

In HBG each you would link to the blogger who recruited you, the other bloggers that person also recruited (the chapter you are a part of) and the bloggers you recruit, plus the Leaders. Now, how would you distinguish all those people? Here are some rules:

For a Leader put the word Leader somewhere in the name, or in the description if you use blogrolling.

For the blogger who recruited you put in Recruiter in the name or description if you have it.

For the bloggers in your chapter say Chapter in the name and/or description.

For the bloggers you recruit, say recruit.

This will help people who are coming to your site be able to navigate through HBG more easily. Also, each Leader will officially take on his/her responsibilities when the Leader chapter is officially complete. Then each Leader will start individually recruiting, I have no control over who they recruit, I just trust that the Leaders will follow the rules. Also, someone is not in HBG unless someone who already is has a blogroll to that blogger with one of the above characteristics.
Basically, update your blogrolls.

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