Monday, March 14, 2005

World War I Warp

History Teacher's main mission is to correct revisionist history. I've dedided to do a little of that too. In all the school textbooks America seems to have quickly and efficiently prepared to fight for World War I. Recently I have been reading To the Last Man, by Jeff Shaara. Great book. Also it seems he has done his research. In that novel, it is shown that the U.S. government barely did anything to prepare for the war. Industry was not fully mobilised, and many people simply had now idea what to do. It is sadening to see actual American History Textbooks giving so much warped info.


The Sovereign Editor said...

Maybe they* want us to think that it's always been normal for the United States to deploy forces on a grand scale overseas.

(*insert favorite conspiracy-theory group here)

Joy said...

Hello Scriptor,
Thank you for leaving a message on my blog. I appreciate you dropping by.

Firstly, yes I would like to join the HBG.

Secondly, the language traveller site that you visited is for EFL teachers and students and does not cover history. I will need to make a new site, which will take me a few days to organise.

I wouldn't say that I was an expert on history - I just enjoy the subject. My areas of interest are Russian History, the Jewish Holocaust, First World War Poetry, Napoleonic Wars, Ancient Rome, Classical Greek Literature, Celts, the North American Indian and Human Evolution. I also enjoy political debate.

If I fit the bill, please let me know.

Kind regards