Friday, March 11, 2005

Messages to Readers

History Teacher, you're definitely not alone with the problems with comments, it is now a known issue in Blogger. This is a great barrier to communication between us two. I have a solution, both of us use discussion forums, mine can be found in the sidebar. For now all messages must be placed in the discussion forum.

There is one problem with accepting Joy, I can't find his blog. Guild members must have one and only one site representing them that is a blog. If you have a blog, please put a link or type up the address in the Forum. If your site matches the qualifications, then you're in. When you become a Leader, all you have to do is post about it, and blogroll to History Teacher and Historium, remember to identify these two sites as Leaders. For an example, check my link to History Teacher in the sidebar.

This entire problem with commenting raises an important issue, commenting is the most important form of communication in HBG. If this happened during a time HBG was fully operational, problems will definitely occurr. The only solution is to add non-Blogger message boards or forums to all the sites. These will be emergency forms of communication. I advise all HBG members to find a forum or message board.

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GeoBandy said...

You might also consider e-mail. If you don't want - or can't have - your regular personal e-mail filled with your blogging business on a daily basis, you can get a free e-mail account from yahoo or hotmail and use it for this purpose. It would also allow private messages, without posting everything you may want to say among yourselves.