Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Book of Blogs: Chapter

This will be the first post of the Book of blogs, a weekly series about and for all blogs.

Blogs of Note
(These are blogs or blog-related sites that I have found particulary interesting, in alphabetical order, of course. I strongly encourage you to visit these sites and explore.)

Blogshares- In short a fantasy stock market of blogs. Anybody can sign up, you start with $500 and from there you have to use your wits, hunches, resources, "insider info", and mere luck to build a fortune and rise to the top.

Geobandy- A highly informative and well though out blog about numerous subjects. Ranges from news, sometimes about blogs, and many bits and pieces in today's world that somehow have been buried by the hustle and bustle of life, only to get us in the back later on.

Hamster Motor- Don't let the name full you, this blog moves faster and is more diverse than any hamster. Just to cover a single digit percent of the topics, this blog talks about economics, the bloggers' own life, and the modern world. Several posts a day so you won't have to wait.

Sovereign Commentary- Fantastic blog that searches all over the Internet to look for news stories that we rarely hear about on "conventional media". Not only are the stories well described, they come with thoughtful and thought-provoking commentary.

Wicked Thoughts- One of the most hillarious blogs I have ever seen, there is a new post everyday. The first half is guaranteed to light up moste people's days, and the second half talks about some of the strangest news stories you can hear.

Promotionary Section

Any person with a blog or something related to blogs can submit an entry by commenting on a previous post and if I accept it the entry will be posted on the next book of blogs. I will be accepting entries for the next BoB from today untill Friday.

  • Must be appropriate, neither the entry nor the actual site may contain any overly obscene material.
  • Must not use hate, strongly discriminatory, or any other language that unfairly biases other people or groups.
  • Must be a blog or related to blogging, of course.
  • Must be in English or be able to be translated into English.
  • Must have a link to Historium on the site that is not placed there by "spiders" or "crawlers".
  • The entry must be descriptive, 3-6 sentences long, and accurately describe original source.
The final decision will be made by me, there will be a maximum of 10 sites in this section for now.

As time is somewhat short and this is still new, this is all there will be for now. Please tell me any questions, recomendations, or comments you have. Just remember, I personally advise you to visit the above sites. This does not mean that I aggree with any of the views and opinions established by the above.


Tom said...

Wicked Thoughts is funny as hell!

Thanks for letting me know about it.

The Sovereign Editor said...

Hey, Scriptor. Thanks for including my site. I appreciate your kind words of support -- positive feedback encourages me to keep doing what I do.