Saturday, April 23, 2005

Comparison of Influence Part II

This is my second issue of the different influences Genghis Khan and George Washington had on the world. Read the first one and my definition of inluence too for more info.

The second point is their influence on today’s world. Washington’s actions are easy to explain, he did much to have America gain its independence, and now that country is the most powerful country today. Genghis Khan’s influence is harder to identify. Obviously conquering what he conquered must have by now translated into great influences today. Genghis Khan put almost all of the trade routes across Asia under one government, and made it safe for anyone to travel by it. This was resulted in a huge boom in west-east trade. One of those traders was Marco Polo. His descriptions of the wealth and riches of China inspired many explorers to seek new routes there. One of these was Christopher Columbus, the man who was largely responsible for starting a movement to permanent European colonization of the Americas. Basically, Genghis Khan’s actions indirectly led to the great era of exploration during and after the Renaissance of Europe.

This is an extension of the Book of Blogs. I want to start a weekly post about this, that puts my thoughts as well as others' about blogs, how it affects them, why they do it, and how it affects the world. Tell me any thoughts you have about blogs and blogging below. I will keep doing this for a few days before I start the actual first official Book of Blogs, maybe around next Saturday. Just leave a comment for this post that has whatever you want to say.

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