Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Economic Revolution

Last post I talked about how the first and simplest economies formed in the first farming villages of humans. Except for some innovations with farming, most things stayed the same. There wasn't too much variety in teh jobs. I ended with the visit of some explorers from a distant place. Here is the second part.

The explorers are welcomed into town. There they talk about their home and give info. on other parts of the world. Their language is rather similar, since they live somewhat close and have not been isolated too long. They fill gaps with sign language. The explorers bring goods from their people, some of which interest their hosts. In return they get some things that have caught their eyes. Little do they know that their whole economic and political worlds just shifted tremendously. This is the first primitive trade among settled peoples. It is barter, but nonetheless we see something new. No longer is it work, and get paid with crops. Now all you have to do is give them something in return for crops. Enter currency.

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