Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Book of Blogs

(The post is rather long, scroll down to the bottom of it to see my real message)

I have been blogging now since early January. Now, to any person who does not know much about blogging, 4 months of doing anything big is usually not very much. Most people think it takes years before you really get to know certain things. However, in blogs this is different. Most bloggers know that even the smallest lenghts of time are crucial. People who blog irregularly with big spaces of time between the posts and those who rarely blog at all usually notice that their traffic drops like a stone, if there was any traffic at all to begin with. That is why in just a few months you learn tremendous amounts about the world of the blog. New bloggers are often awed by how such a simple little site consisting of entries could be so complex and varied. In my opinion, each blog is as different from another as people are. Blogs are thoughts on the web. Each person has their own thoughts. After just a few months of blogging one can quickly discover how big this is. There are countless tools and services dedicated to helping that humble little blogger. There are traffic boosters, ad services, counters, and countless add-ons that add more diversity to blogs. Some use blogging to let others know about their life, some to release built-up pressure, some to inform, and some to publish opinions. In many areas there are controversies surrounding bloggers. The biggest one in here is the difference between blogging journalists "conventional" journalists.
And all because of this little site called a blog.
One reason why even the smallest time is significant may be found in the entire history of blogs itself. The term "web log" was only coined in 1998, the Internet itelf was only created some years before that. And then blogs really didn't get large public use until people could create blogs without knowing anything about HTML. When creating a blog just required the Internet and basic computer knowledge.

So as you see,"traditional" blogging is only a few years old. And all that you have seen about blogs have risen in that period of time.

This is just an intro on blogs. What I really want readers to do is to give their own opinions and thoughts about blogs themselves, say anything you want related to this topic. I will tell about this later.

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Jay said...

I started blogging last fall. My husband started his up; I had never even heard of it before (and you are soo right, I completely fall into the no html knowledge category). I took over for him eventually, and have miraculously kept it up almost daily for 6 months.