Saturday, April 09, 2005

Constitutional Notes

Article 2 Sect.3: When it comes down to the basics, the President can adjourn Congress whenever he/she wants to. I know no President has done this before, but still...

Article 1 Section 8.11: It just says Congress has the power to declare war, does not say by what majority or if there needs to be a majority at all.

Article 4 Section 2.2: Nothing about the Supreme Court having the power to reverse lower courts.

Section 3.1: It is treason if you help out a wounded enemy soldier, even if the person has no way of stating a surrender, you cannot help/aid that person.

Article 4 Section 2.1: A state must treat someone of another state in the same way it treats its own. Very interesting.

Section 3.1 and 3.4: Does not say new states will have the same rights as old states.

Article 6 Section 2: Constitution is the supreme law of the land, states cannot nullify national laws.

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