Friday, April 08, 2005

The Byzantine Empire

Some time in late Roman history, the entire Roman empire was split in two, for the better management of such a vast tract of land. In short time, the western half, with its capital at Rome, was quickly engulfed and fell under the onrush of millions of Germanic and Hunnic invaders. For some reason (please tell me if you know it) the Eastern Roman empire was spared. It had a few good times in which it tried to recapture the lost Roman lands, this was done around the 5th centuries by its most famous general, Belisarius. Italy, parts of North Africa, and other lands were recaptured. Unfortunately Belisarius was accused of treachery, he lived out the rest of his life as a blind beggar. Soon, the onrush of the Arabs expanding their empire and their new religion Islam pushed back the Byzantine frontier. Most of the Middle Eastern possessions and North Africa were lost. Eventually (please tell me about this too if you know it) the European possessions were lost too. Soon all that was left of the once vast Byzantine Empire was Anatolia (modern Turkey) and Greece. It's capital was the mighty fortress-city of Constantinople (modern Istanbul). I have to go now, please tell me any further info. you have.

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