Friday, May 27, 2005

Crusades I

Some time ago I said I would start a series about the Crusades, what actually happened during them, why, when, and the immediate and longterm impacts of the time. This period in history really is a very important time. The whole series of events was epic, with many different characters and places in them. To start, I will set the setting of the time right before the Crusades happened.

The time is late 11th century A.D. Europe is now recovering well from the collapse of the Roman Empire and the foundations needed for greater advancement are ready, only the ingredients have to be found somewhere. It currently exists in a more or less feudal society, a relic from the days when kings gave local lords better powers in return for local defense against invaders. The monarchy themselves do not have as much power as they well some time later. For now, the main recruiting power lies in the ability of the lords to train or hire knights and mercenaries. The knightship itself is considered one of the best types of soldiers, trained from a very early age to learn battle skills and the culture of the upper class. Their roots may have been from elite warriors of the tribal Germanic households, sworn to defend their lord and king. The lord keeps them in service, but much of their expenses are paid from their own pockets. To be continued.

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