Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Random thought

Okay, this is not even related to history, but I really have to say this. I hate it when people say something is in another dimension. Do guys even know what dimension is? A dimension is something from with the location of an event can be measured from. Before you go and write some science fiction story about another dimension, think about this. There are only sets of dimensions. This whole universe is one set of dimensions. Each point in it can be measured from those dimensions. If you are thinking 3-D, a dimension is an edge, but don't get me started. The Universe is weird.

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Alan Kellogg said...

That's the thing, you're thinking of dimension in the physical sense. When people talk of alternate dimensions they're thinking in the metaphysical. Alternate realities, other universes in the multiverse, actualizations of concepts and ideals. The dimension of panprobablity for example. Or the worlds of Jewish or Buddhist mysticism. They're not being obdurate, they're just thinking of something else entirely.