Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Some Early Germanic

What I say here may differ from previous posts on early Germanic history. So tell me your thoughts.

The main set-off for the first great wave of Germanic migrations was started by the sudden advance of the Hunnic armies into Europe. Driving out many once-settled people these Germanics moved in warbands of about 80,000 each into the Roman empire. However, they did not establish permanent colonies. The ethnic make-up was still very much the same. Most new Germanic settlers were still close to their homelands. The warbands did change the political face, dividing the Roman Empire into several kingdoms with Germano-Roman governments. In these courts there was a great mix and the rulers tried to copy Roman ways, still they were not ready for complete stability. Eventhally the Frankish kingdom rose to dominance. It helped set up some stability. But centralized royal governments could not be kept. Kings rewarded nobles and generals with existing land, thus propelling the feudal advance.

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