Friday, May 06, 2005

Site News

I know my posts have not been too good recently. It's hard to maintain a blog daily, which is what I am trying to do. Either way, I will continue Globalisation, Book of Blogs, Sunday Review, and Economic History series this Saturday or Sunday. I will also restart Constitutional Notes with a look at the Amendments.


Joy said...

Hi Scriptor,
I'm sorry I haven't been available lately - I've been very sick with a nasty little virus that knocked the stuffing out of me. Anyway, I hope to be back with new posts soon. But before I begin posting again, I want to take a good look at my sites with a view to reorganising them and creating a new image.

I will keep you informed. Take care of yourself.

Kind regards


The Sovereign Editor said...

I'm having the same problem, Scriptor. You may have noticed my posts are sparse and that I'm not as impassioned as usual.. well, today's offering is an exception. I'm looking for a job, and this is taking up a lot of my time, so this will probably continue for awhile. But I will try to post at least once a week.