Sunday, May 15, 2005

Some philosophy

Announcements: I am hoping to get a series of posts that detail what actually happened in the crusades, I am not sure when it will start, maybe in a week or two. Also, please do the poll in the sidebar.

Movies are a primary source of entertainment for those who have access to them and can afford them. Generally, movies have one fundamental difference from real life, they often exaggerate the good vs. evil idea. To simplify things, there is often a really good guy and a really bad guy that tries to stop the good guy. Unfortunately this has often been applies to movies based on historical events. A director who is too simple-minded will try to make the story fit to his/her good guy/bad guy theme. Often he will portray one nation or people as wicked, while another nation or people as inherently good. This does not really happen in history nor in the present world. Why? Because it’s the individual who is separated by goodness and badness, it all depends on which is dominant. A creative and knowledgeable director will know this, and therefore not warp history too much. But still, it is one of the great fantasies of a world with a superhero who gloriously defeats the menacing villain. In real life, there are no people who are simply “bad”, there are ideas, motives, desires, emotions, beliefs, messages, dreams, events, and environments and a host of other variables that have impacts upon an individual, who him/herself also consists of numerous variables, the end result is an enormous number of personalities and traits. This complexity is further complexified when you put in the variables that occur when interactions between these individuals take place.


Anonymous said...

Sorry bubbie, but the winners write history. You won't know what 'really happened'.

That's what happened with the Civil War. The winners make it look like Lincoln was a hero.

Tom said...


Have you read Thomas Dilorenzo's "The Real Lincoln"?

Anonymous said...

Actually Tom, that's what I'm reading. : ) Very interesting book.